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"You have a refreshing approach to thinking and talking about marketing that I have just not seen in 13+ years of working in comms/marketing."

Rafi Mendelsohn
Director of Marketing, MyHeritage

"Thanks for the amazing insights, you have given me a lot of "idea sparks" that helped me grow as a marketing strategist."

Piotr Korpak
Head of Marketing, Brainhub

"When are you going to do something in French so I understand it?"

Mr Grenier
My Dad

"The more of your content I'm consuming, the more impressed I am at what you've done and what you are doing."

Andy Lambert
Director, ContentCal

"The podcast is brilliant but this weekly mailer is one of my fave things to receive as the content goes some way to answering the 'why' of the title.

Louis fights a good fight for doing marketing properly and encouraging others to do the same. We all need a bit of Louis in our life."

Kristina Ball
Senior Marketing Manager, Builtvisible

"Figured it out. You're the Jeremy Paxman of marketing."

Joe Glover
Founder, The Marketing Meetup

"I love that you are always trying to help others, that you don't believe in 'protecting' your knowledge and learning, but always rather sharing it all out LOUD with the world, and boosting others up. You are one of the most straight up and most caring people I have ever met."

Bee Strydom
Performance Lead, Hotjar

"You do an absolutely phenomenal job. You remind me of Seth Godin in your ability to cut through the fluff and get to the meat of what it means to be an impactful marketer."

Casey Hills
Head of Growth, Bonjoro

"I learn something new all the time. Just wanted to drop a note and let you know you are onto something. Keep doing what you are doing. I think you are serving a greater purpose and perhaps the best is yet to come."

Arvind Bala
VP Marketing & Brand Strategy, Sienna Senior Living

"This changed my entire approach to marketing. The last person who did that is a really smart researcher with 20 years of experience working at Gartner. Radical differentiation is a concept that everyone needs to get their head around. Everyone needs to get this. It is the most important thing marketers should be thinking about.

They're thinking about their competitors and they're thinking that's how they differentiate, but real differentiation, which I love, is really about understanding your customers and figuring out what they're tired of and what they're sick of. You don't get the insight from the competitors. You get the insight from your customers. And so that kernel of it is what I think a lot of marketers are missing."

Sarah MacKinnon
B2B Marketing Consultant
Join 6,101 mavericks getting my emails,
but who's counting, amirite?!
Bonjour bonjour!
I'm Louis Grenier, the moody French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers.

About Louis Grenier

Louis Grenier, who likes to talk about himself in the third person, is the founder of the popular contrarian marketing podcast Everyone Hates Marketers, which's reached 1M+ downloads with no ads, in less than 4 years.

He has 10 years of experience in marketing and worked with businesses like Dropbox or Hotjar.

He has a proven track record of launching products and services that made a huge flop. So he knows exactly what it feels like to do average things for average people. To be a watered-down version of himself. To not be trusted enough.

He's learned from his mistakes and loves to create stuff that stands out. It makes him feel good, it gets results, and he wants you to experience the same thrill.

He believes that radical differentiation is the antidote to marketing bullshit.


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