Let's start with the obvious...

Everyone explains that standing the f*ck out is 👏CRI👏TI👏CAL, but no one, not even positioning and branding experts, explains how to *actually* do it. That, my friend, is up to you to figure out.

This never sat well with me, honestly.

So I've made it my mission to help startup/business owners in saturated markets to stand the f*ck out in a practical and honest way *without* the need for a huge team or a massive budget.

I've used my 10+ experience in marketing with businesses like Hotjar or Dropbox, my failed CRO agency, my 160+ podcast episodes with no-BS marketers, and thousands of hours of research (literally) to develop the Stand The F*ck Out™ Methodology: a practical 4-step framework to position your business, find your people, and build a durable brand.

Whenever you're ready, there are a few ways we could work together.

If you run an expert-led business (consultant, agency owner, creator, author, speaker...) and can't seem to find a clear direction for your business:

  • You can book me for a short, high-intensity session to solve a specific challenge (for example: figuring out your best segment, redefining what you should offer, realigning who you are and what your business offers...).
  • Or you can book me for a full day to work through your unique positioning, distinctive brand, go-to-market plan, and systems to stay the distance.

If you're the founder of a growing startup (or a senior leader) and want a super-focused strategy to position your brand while having everyone "sniffing the same glue" internally:

  • You can book me for a series of sprints (bi-weekly) where you, your leadership, and myself will develop a positioning+brand that stand the f*ck out.

I work best with folks who like to take calculated risks and challenge the status quo.

Get in touch to see if we're a fit.


Everyone explains that making your business different is vital — but NO ONE (not even experts) explains how to actually do it... Until now.

Just click on that big fat red button, answer a couple of questions, and learn to stand the f*ck out in a no-bull, super-practical way:

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