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Stand The F*ck Out (STFO) by Everyone Hates Marketers is an 8-week high-intensity online workshop designed for risk-takers who want to radically stand out from a sea of competitors and attract customers they love and respect.

  • Small group of 20 mavericks who believe you don't have to bullshit people to sell
  • No-fluff, actionable content with a step-by-step roadmap and worksheets
  • Weekly calls to hold you accountable, get detailed feedback, and move forward
  • 🆕 Kickoff party to get to know each other before the real work begins (don't be scared)
  • 🆕 Feedback pods for extra accountability and support with 2-3 peers in your timezone (optional)
  • Real-life examples (without mentioning Disney, Tesla, Hertz, Apple, or Drift once)
  • Private forum community with your peers and STFO alumni
  • Workshops led by STFO alumni so you can learn from their mistakes
  • Weekly workload: between 6 and 8 hours (depending on the week and how much you want it!)
  • Next cohort: Sept 23rd to Nov 22nd, 2021
  • Tuition: $700 for 3 months or $1,900 if paid in full (save $200)

Be notified when applications open

  • Cohort #3 starts on Thursday, September 23rd and ends on Monday, November 22nd, 2021.
  • Applications open to the waiting list on Wednesday, September 1st.
  • Places are limited to 20.
  • If you are accepted, securing your seat is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first cohort sold out in 3 days.
Sarah McKinnon - client
Sarah MacKinnon
B2B Marketing Consultant

 “I was just stuck in my own ideas…”

I couldn't see it from the lens of my buyer. I wanted to figure this buyer research thing out because I had been percolating over it for two years. I had an obsession with this idea that comes back and attacks me every now and then.

I tried to launch this product and shared it with a whole bunch of different people. I had a bunch of conversations with people who I thought should buy this, but no one understood it.

I just had some spreadsheets with process ideas and questions to myself. And I had a failed landing page that didn't generate the business that I was looking to generate.

I just sold a $10,000 research project that I couldn't figure out how to position for two years

...before I'd even finished STFO.

I now have insights into a little area that could be mine.

The whole process of coming through and bringing this thing to life was so exciting for me. Because it's something I've been so excited about bringing to life and I just couldn't figure out how to do it before.

I have a better understanding of what exists in the market and what the unmet needs are. I have insights into a little area that could be mine very profitably and in a very differentiated way.

I am very busy but it doesn't mean I don't take really good opportunities when they come

I do a lot of stuff all at the same time. For example, I'm taking Spanish lessons, at six in the morning, a few times a week. I'm doing a lot of work right now.

I took on this new buyer research, like a test pilot project, which is taking me three times the time. But that doesn't mean you don't take opportunities that are really good when they come. I think STFO was just like one of those opportunities, whereas it felt right.

STFO changed my entire approach to marketing

The last person who did that is a really smart researcher with 20 years of experience working at Gartner. Radical differentiation is a concept that everyone needs to get their head around. Everyone needs to get this. It is the most important thing marketers should be thinking about.

They're thinking about their competitors and they're thinking that's how they differentiate, but real differentiation, which I love, is really about understanding your customers and figuring out what they're tired of and what they're sick of.

You don't get the insight from the competitors. You get the insight from your customers. And so that kernel of it is what I think a lot of marketers are missing. 

I rarely like people in marketing...

I know that such a mean thing to say, but I'm just being fully honest. There are so many people who are just trying to build their careers versus actually serve customers.

I love the people that I met through STFO. I think they're super cool. Even though we weren't all selling to the same types of customers, there was very genuine respect for humanity and care for the people that they're serving in a very authentic way that just really spoke to me.

I really appreciated the thoughts and reflections I got from some of the other participants as well (not just you Louis).

I also liked the way you shaped those conversations. They were empathetic, but they were also “Cut the crap. You can figure this out.

Everyone explains that standing out is critical, but... one, not even positioning and branding experts, explain how to *actually* do it.

That, my friend, is up to you to figure out.

I know the feeling.

Drawing the rest of the owl

It sounds almost comical but it has real implications:

No clarity

You feel like something is missing but you can't put your finger on it. You've worked hard for years without the returns you were expecting.

No excitement

You work on projects that do not excite you anymore. You've fallen into a routine that has sucked the creativity out of you.

No differentiation

You struggle to sell what you currently offer. You have a tough time explaining what makes you unique and what specific market you serve.

Sandro Meyer - client
Sandro Meyer
Marketing Agency Owner

"Is it going to be one of those courses that tells me I need to write a story around my brand?"

There are a lot of these storytelling courses where they all say “You need to find the unique positioning, and you need to tell a story about your brand.” And that was my biggest objection.

I didn't want it to be another one of those courses that you just buy.

And luckily it was not.

I had a bit of confusion around the services that we provided

I needed to get clarity on how to position our agency in conjunction with our content that we send out every week.

And how all of these fit together. This was really not clear to me.

That’s why I signed up.

It was exhausting to have all these options open

I was reading all those books, like Blue Ocean Strategy and all that, but it never clicked for me. It made me maybe feel tired and lose motivation a little bit.

It might seem like a luxury problem, but it isn't really. It's just tiresome to constantly every single time to send out a newsletter or record a podcast and ask yourself, “What is it that you're trying to do?

I now have a story that I use in sales calls

I just didn't have that before. I have a story that connects with people and that I now use in sales calls.

I had a sales call with a lead last week and I could just immediately connect with her on the fact that I know how it feels to be a new marketing leader.

I think we’ve got the contract because of it.

I was not expecting... learn a step-by-step repeatable process of how to narrow down my target audience and craft a unique positioning for my segment or niche that I can actually own.

It just makes me feel like very relieved because I don't have to think about how I'm going to do this every single time for the rest of my life.

It ultimately gave me the clarity that I needed.

Yet another inspirational marketing course that you buy and never watch?


It's designed around 3 core principles...

Louis Grenier

Fundamentals, not tactics

 You will learn timeless principles of business, psychology, and marketing. In other words, the WHY behind the WHAT.

Those mental models will stay with you for the rest of your career. After STFO, you will be in a position to make your own decisions without doubting yourself.

Simple, not easy

I've removed the fluff so every concept is simple to understand. You're going to feel like everything just "clicks" together.

The responsibility is then on you to do the work and ship, every week; and that, my friend, is not easy.

Care personally, challenge directly

There's a reason why I run STFO twice a year — I give everything I've got for you to succeed. You're joining a community of folks with the same values.

It's also your responsibility to care personally for each member and while challenging them directly with thoughtful feedback.

Be notified when applications open

  • Cohort #3 starts on Thursday, September 23rd and ends on Monday, November 22nd, 2021.
  • Applications open to the waiting list on Wednesday, September 1st.
  • Places are limited to 20.
  • If you are accepted, securing your seat is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first cohort sold out in 3 days.

The program is built around 3 core parts:

Learning materials
  • In the first part, you will learn why standing out starts with your own beliefs, strengths, and purpose. You will get out of your head and reach out to people who know you well.
  • In the second part, you will learn why most advice on narrowing down your market is wrong and how to define a minimum viable market you're confident about. You will move from uncertainty to certainty by talking to your market (whether you have customers or not).
  • In the last part, you will learn what radical differentiation really is. You will take the building blocks from the previous modules to engineer your very own uniqueness. You will jolt your market into action so they pay attention to you, trust you, and buy from you.
Gregory McCormick
Gregory McCormick
Director of Marketing
Oregon, United States

"The mental commitment is 8 weeks; can I really put myself into it?"

When this came out, I was like, “Oh, I want to do it.” And I was talking with my wife, “I don't even know if I have the time."

I have marketed in isolation. I don't really meet up with people, not around marketing. I just live in my own world. I worked on this company and it proved successful, but I felt the process was messy.

I couldn’t do this again with a new product of just walking in the fog. I wanted a roadmap. I wanted structure. And that's something you always did with the podcast. You gave a step-by-step structure. And when it comes to launching a product, I wanted to see what a roadmap was like from you.

Once I made that mental commitment, I was like, “I'll just make time, whatever!” 

At first, honestly, I was a little worried, “Oh wait, is this just going to be like an inspirational marketing course?”

The one thing I was not sure about was how you built the skills of a marketer, and the limitations, and the mental health aspect of being able to act on that roadmap.

I thought that was really clever. 

I walked away with just a really clear step-by-step roadmap, which is an incredible feeling to have. I walked about with a precise positioning of our product. You really walked me through a competitor’s weaknesses, the customer wants, even the customer vernacular around the product. All these things, I was able to gather in eight weeks in a very clear way. 

And I don't just mean positioning in marketing speak. I mean, positioning it for my understanding of the product. So I can have a lot of creative spring off of that.

I always had this belief that you don't have to bullshit people with marketing

If you have a quality product, you can just be totally transparent and make it interesting. 

There's a lot of people who are just selling inspiration. I didn't know if I was just being overly moral. And coming across your podcast was just validation for me.

Between us, STFO was much bigger than I thought it was going to be

There was more inside of the program, more content, more strategy, more thought put into it than I had anticipated. I was thinking, what you would pull off in eight weeks was going to be probably modules one, two, and three. And that's it.

The promises you make about your podcast crystallized into a class. No bullshit, actionable, no fluff.  It's a strong and true brand, and you put it into a class.

Who is it for?

Do you believe you don't have to bullshit people to sell? Do you care about the customers you seek to serve (instead of just trying to build your career)? Are you a take-charge kind of person who doesn’t want to do what everyone else is doing?


Then STFO might be for you.

To be more precise, you are likely to be a great fit if you are:

Cohort #1

A business owner who wants to scale their business but lacks a clear direction.

You want a laser-focused strategy to go with your tactics rather than making it up as you go.

An experienced entrepreneur who's launching a new product or service in a saturated market.

You want to validate your market, your offer, and your differentiation before going all-in.

A senior in-house marketer who wants to help their business scale or launch a new product.

You want to work alongside your founder/CEO, influence what you're selling, and clarify your company’s positioning.

A marketing consultant who wants to help their clients stand the f*ck out.

You want to offer additional services to help your clients radically stand out, raise your prices, and make a bigger impact.

Weekly calendar and calls

  • Monday: Each week starts with a series of short videos (around 1 hour combined) uploaded on Podia, to watch in your own time. It comes with templates and worksheets on Google Drive.
  • Wednesday: Bonus student-led workshop with an STFO alumnus so you can learn from their experience (it will be organized once or twice during the program).

  • Thursday: We get on a Zoom call* to answer your most pressing questions, get feedback on what you've done so far, and work on your next steps.
  • Sunday: This is your deadline to submit your assignment within the private forum community, hosted on Circle. 

Throughout the week: Receive feedback from Louis and your peers on your work because you can rarely read the label when you're inside the jar.

Participate in candid discussions with the other students and give them feedback.

Circle community forum

*During your application, you will be asked to pick one of  two timezone options:

Option A

8am Dublin time to accommodate folks based in Europe, Asia, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

This translates to London 8am, Paris 9am, Delhi 1:30pm, Sydney 7pm.

Option B

4.30pm Dublin time to accommodate folks based in Europe and America.

This translates to Paris 5:30pm, Los Angeles 8:30am, New York 11:30am, Rio de Janeiro 1:30pm.


Here's a snapshot of what you're going to learn over our 8 weeks together.

I pay close attention to the feedback I'm receiving from STFO alumni, so the content is likely to evolve from cohort to cohort.


Week 1: Challenging your self-limiting beliefs

  • The ONE thing preventing you from standing out
  • The biggest self-limiting beliefs
  • How to challenge them

Week 2: Using your time, energy, and talent more effectively

  • Why personality tests suck
  • Two practical ways to understand oneself
  • Four steps to identify your unique ability

Week 3: Defining your minimum viable market (part 1)

  • Why having a "maximizer mindset" is dangerous
  • The laziest, most effective way to pick your very own corner of the market
  • The biggest mistake to avoid when choosing who to talk to

Week 4: Defining your minimum viable market (part 2)

  • Why "5" is the magic number
  • Four steps to move from uncertainty to certainty
  • How to calculate your market size in a few steps
  • The red flags to be aware of

Week 5: Defining your status quo

  • What conspiracy theorists and marketers have in common
  • Pointing the finger at the monster threatening your market
  • Four steps to identify your status quo

Week 6: Engineering your radical differentiation

  • Four unhealthy obsessions preventing you from differentiating your business
  • What radical differentiation really is
  • Six steps to identify your uniqueness (and six examples)

Week 7: Jolting people into action

  • Five mistakes preventing you from attracting the right customers
  • Six timeless principles to make people pay attention to you, trust you, and buy from you
  • Four steps to get the right customers

Week 8: Building your brand to attract customers for years to come

  • The biggest mistake I've made 10 years ago
  • The three flywheels to push to get results
  • Four steps to build a big brand as a small business
Ludovic Delmas - client
Ludovic Delmas
Co-founder, Kickass UX
Seattle, United States

"There are so many techniques and things you can learn out there, it's very mentally tiring."

Everyone is screaming out on the roofs, saying, “This technique is the best and it's the new thing you should do!” And then this person’s saying the exact opposite. And it's just so noisy. No one is talking about the fundamentals, right?

Forget about the internet, forget about anything, what is evergreen? And I felt that STFO was going to be that evergreen thing that was completely different from all the shiny things.

Our market was so wide, we would have lost years

Before STFO, we didn't know exactly who was within our segment.  It was so wide and so open.

We didn't know who to target online. And that was always in the back of my mind, “Maybe it's okay to cast a wide net and attract as many people as we can?

We avoided making a huge rookie mistake

It really felt like we didn't know where to go or what communities to activate. We just hadn’t done our homework.

Now that I've taken the program, I realized that we probably would have lost years and years lost business just because we would have been so general, so vanilla that no one would have really believed in such a small company.

STFO really saved us potentially months or years of not being well positioned.

Everything came together in major ways

To see the effects of all the work from the previous weeks being finally emerging together into that unified differentiation that we can activate and use as part of our strategy was amazing.

Now it's making sense for my own business and I see how to do this now. And this is freaking cool.

STFO gave me a huge amount of relief mentally

Now, whatever we do is based on very solid foundations and a very specific segment.

We know exactly who to activate actually. We know that we have to go for this blog, this blog, and this blog, this forum, and so on. It helped tremendously, too, to know how to focus our efforts as founders.

You really went into answering people's issues and concerns

That's super interesting because there were several feedback loops. There was a feedback loop within the private forum. Then there was a feedback loop during the weekly calls. You created this group dynamic in a way that was genuine and that helped people really put it to practice, get that feedback, iterate, and close the loop.

If you're on the verge...

...wondering if you will gain at the end of this program the answer is absolutely yes. So just do it, just trust that there will be a huge gap between where you are now and where you will be after.

There will be a lot of work involved but just freaking take that course and see the results for yourself.

Just the best course I've taken. I don't know anything remotely close to it. 

You care as a mentor. I know that you're not there to just make a quick buck. It’s great knowing that you really truly care.

Admissions and tuition

Tuition is $1,900 if paid in full or $700/month for 3 months.

If your application is approved, seats are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The first cohort of STFO sold out in 3 days.

  • Step 1: Join the waiting list
  • Step 2: Receive your application via email on Sept 1st and fill it out
  • Step 3: If you're selected, pay on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Step 4: You're in! Plan your weeks ahead so you can commit to attending the calls and ship your work.


How is STFO different from the podcast?

Everyone Hates Marketers is like a cookbook. You follow recipes from the best chefs in your own kitchen and get great ideas to impress your friends.

Stand The F*ck Out is like having you plus a bunch of cool people in a professional kitchen with a chef teaching you how to cook a tasty 7-meal, challenging you, and giving you feedback along the way.

How is it different from other online courses?

STFO is the only online workshop teaching radical differentiation to no-bullshit entrepreneurs and marketers. You won't find anything like it anywhere else.

Most online courses teach you tactics that will stop working in a few months. STFO doesn't.

Most online courses envelop you with complex concepts that confuse you. STFO doesn't.

Most online courses can't care less if you don't complete them. STFO does.

Most online courses leave you on your own to figure things out.  STFO doesn't.

What are the criteria for selection?

There are two main criteria:

  • Culture-fit: Do you listen to Everyone Hates Marketers? Do you like to take calculated risks? Do you find Clickfunnels unbearable?
  • Value-fit: Are you an experienced entrepreneur who knows that having a clear positioning is business-critical? Are you about to launch a new product or service online? Are you a seasoned in-house marketer who's going to work alongside their founder or CEO?

What's the payment process?

Credit card payments are processed via Stripe, through the online learning platform Podia.

Can I get reimbursed?

If you're a business owner, you've got that covered. If you're an in-house marketer, this is a discussion to have with your founder.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes, upon payment, you will have the option to choose between a one-off payment or a 3-month instalment plan.

Can I bring my business partner with me?

Yes, it's very much encouraged. Working together on radical differentiation is a great way to be aligned around the same goals and stand the f*ck out.

What tools are we going to use?

Podia to watch the video lessons and receive your assignments. Google Drive to complete your worksheets and templates. to discuss with your peers in a private forum. Zoom for our weekly calls.

What's the time commitment to get value out of STFO?

If you're committed, you will make the time. 

Some weeks are more challenging than others, and I will let you know in advance so you can prepare.

Allow roughly 6-8 hours of work per week (which includes watching the videos, giving feedback, processing feedback, and working on your assignments).

Do I have to pay EU VAT?

If you're based outside Europe, you can ignore this question.

If you're based in Europe (excluding Ireland), you will likely NOT have to pay EU VAT as long as you have a valid VAT ID. Please check with your accountant.

If you're based in Ireland, you will likely have to pay VAT (23%) on top of your tuition (which you will be able to claim back as a business owner). Please check with your accountant.

What if I can't attend the weekly calls?

There are two timezone options to choose from to accommodate you wherever you are. Weekly calls are a mandatory part of the STFO experience.

Who's behind this?

Louis Grenier, who likes to talk about himself in the third person, is the founder of the popular contrarian marketing podcast Everyone Hates Marketers, which's reached 1M+ downloads. He has 10 years of experience in marketing and worked with businesses like Dropbox or Hotjar. 

He has a proven track record of launching products and services that made a huge flop. For this reason, he knows exactly what it feels like to do average things for average people. To be a watered-down version of himself. To not be trusted enough.

He's learned from his mistakes and loves to create stuff that stands out. It makes him feel good, it gets results, and he wants you to experience the same thrill.

Where's your accent coming from?

First, how dare you. Second, I’ve created this French persona to make myself more approachable.

Where can I hear you talk about radical differentiation?

Start with this workshop with Joe Glover from The Marketing Meetup:

If you're in SaaS, have a listen to this interview on Forget The Funnel.

I still have questions... How can I get in touch?

Email me: I read and reply personally to all my emails; crazy, right?

I can also introduce you to STFO alumni so you get an unbiased view of what the program really is.

Be notified when applications open

  • Cohort #3 starts on Thursday, September 23rd and ends on Monday, November 22nd, 2021.
  • Applications open to the waiting list on Wednesday, September 1st.
  • Places are limited to 20.
  • If you are accepted, securing your seat is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The first cohort sold out in 3 days.