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What to Expect in 2018: Future Guests & Improvements

Louis Grenier

No-BS Marketer, Everyone Hates Marketers

This week we have another special edition episode of Everyone Hates Marketers. I am glad to share my future plans for the podcast including guests to be interviewed next and those already recorded that will be published soon. We’re also going to talk about what will change going forward, what won’t, and upcoming topics you will hear about. I am working on improving some aspects of this project and continue to appreciate all the feedback I receive. Don’t forget to check out our last episode for a review of how we did in 2017.

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We covered:

  • Episode and interview objectives for 2018
  • Improvements to be made to show notes, website, show format and audio quality
  • Emphasis on guest diversity to bring out the best voices
  • Thoughts on expanding the podcast to other formats
  • Upcoming guests: André Chaperon, Joanna Wiebe, Noah Kagan, Rob Walling, Cindy Gallop, Adam Greco
  • Topics to be discussed in the coming year, such as avoiding shady SEO and how to do digital PR



Full Transcript:

Bonjour! Bonjour! Welcome to another episode of everyonehatesmarketers.com. It is a special episode today. I’m not gonna interview a guest, instead I want to give you kind of an overview of what’s gonna happen in 2018 for the podcast. What will change, what won’t change, and I’m gonna also give you a few names of future guests, guests that I’ve already interviewed, that I’ve already recorded the episode and I’m just waiting to publish. They will appear on this podcast for sure. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode, the 2017 review, please do because I share a lot of numbers and stats around the podcast, how many listens I get, what are the countries you guys are listening to this podcast from, what apps or technology are you using to listen to it, and all of that. I’m sharing a lot of stats that I haven’t shared before. I think you might find that interesting.

Let’s start with Part 1: What won’t change. I would still publish one episode per week. I would still interview interesting guests from different backgrounds and not the usual suspects that most podcasts are interviewing. I’m really trying my best to find people that you haven’t necessarily heard from before but are crazy smart, who understands stuff better than most, and who can teach us a lot of things. I said us, it’s both you and me, because I’m learning a lot from these interviews. You’re not the only one learning from it. It will still be practical. I will still focus on making sure that the guest and I share practical, step-by-step stuff that you can implement in your business today or tomorrow.

Some of the subjects are not that easy to be practical about because I’m doing my best to make the interviews valuable even if you listen to the episode in five years or ten years. It doesn’t make a lot of fans throughout the podcast go through, for example, how to use Facebook ads retargeting and go into Facebook and talk about it in details, click on this button, and using this menu to do that, and that, and that. It’s too difficult to do that over audio and I don’t think it’s that valuable. I believe that once you understand the strategy, the structure, the tactics, the things you need to do then it’s fairly easy to find out what to do with the tool. Those tools are made to be easy to use.

It will still very well be about the no fluff and no bullshit marketing. I would still go deeper than most to understand the truth behind marketing and the things that you can use to win in the long term as well as in the short term. There’s a lot of bulshit in the marketing world and in the startup world right now. There’s more and more information, many new worlds coming up everyday almost. I know it’s overwhelming for you guys. I know you’re struggling to understand what to do next. I know you are scared of missing out on the next new shiny stuff appearing in the horizon.

I would still work hard to go into the truth about marketing, into the first principles about marketing, into the things that won’t change in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or even 50 years. Things that you can implement in your business today or tomorrow that will still have an impact in 50 years when the world will have changed beyond measure. It’s always going to be about the truth, never about the fluff. You can count on that. That’s what won’t change, as you can see, most of the things that have been happening this year will happen in 2018.

What will change? I’m always working hard to improve the show. I don’t set out just for the sake of saying that. I receive a lot of feedback over email because I keep asking for it. I do receive a lot of emails. Most of it is positive. A lot of it is how to improve. Here are the key things that I have identified so far; I will improve the show notes. You might not know but I have a website called everyonehatesmarketers.com and you can go on it and check the full transcript of every episode, you can checkout the resources that we mention, and also a quick summary of each episode. It seems like a lot of you actually, not necessarily listening to this podcast, but also reading it a lot. I think I need to spend more time improving each episode article, perhaps creating a bigger summary with the key points that you can really learn from, perhaps giving more details of the resources that we mention, and perhaps also cleaning out the transcript a bit more so that it’s easier for you to read. There’s a lot to do in this particular aspect of it.

I will also improve the website over all. One thing that I found recently which was really interesting. I’ve interviewed a few of you recently to find that out is that only a third of you are marketers which was surprising because this podcast was originally created for marketers. In fact, a third of you are marketers, a third of you are startup founders or like indie hackers, people who have side projects and trying to launch it, and then a third of you are tech people, developers, UX designers, product people, and all of that.

It’s funny because all of you are using marketing to do something. All of you are using marketing to sell, to improve the product, to win, but you’re not marketers, only a third of you are. I will improve the positioning of the podcast slightly to take care of all that and to make it clear that this podcast is a marketing podcast, but it’s not only for marketers, it’s for people who want to use marketing the right way.

I received a lot of feedback regarding the structure of the episode. That’s something I’ve already improved using what I call a ‘inverted pyramid’ where now I just start with the key things. The key step-by-step. The key methodology that you need to take away from this podcast just after the intro. After 20 or 25 minutes, you should have really practical steps you can implement in your business. Then I dive into the guest and who this person is, getting to know her better or him better, and then asking the usual question at the end regarding the top three resources and all of that.

That’s something that was based on your feedback that I’ve heard a lot from a lot of people and I thank you for it but I will keep improving the structure. Something that I didn’t use to do is actually to send questions to the guest in advance. You might be surprised to hear that but I’ve actually never done that before because I always wanted it to be non-scripted. I wanted the guest to really come up with answers on the fly and to keep the conversation real. But I also found out that sometimes, it doesn’t work really well. When you ask a tough question, the guest can feel overwhelmed by it and struggle to find an answer.

What I’m doing now is I’m actually sending the questions, some of the key questions in advance to the guests. Asking them to prepare a bit. I’m not giving them all the question I’m asking but I do give them the top questions such as what are the top three resources you would recommend to listeners today. That’s based on your feedback and I thank you for it.

Another thing that will change or at least keep improving is to have a wide variety of guests from different backgrounds. I’m trying my hardest to really have a healthy amount of women and men on the podcast. A healthy amount of people coming from minorities which is why I’m really working hard to find guests that you haven’t heard before because I know that a lot of people deserve to be heard and are very smart and deserve to be heard.

This is what I’m gonna keep doing, trying to find people from minority backgrounds that don’t necessarily have the chance to be featured as much in the business. Some of you keep sending me potential guests that I should interview and I genuinely love those recommendations because most of the time I don’t know them, and I’m gonna actually name a few that you guys recommended to me that I have already interviewed, and of which the episodes would be published in the next few weeks. I do listen to your recommendations so please keep them coming because they’re really interesting.

I will try to improve the audio quality. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve bought a new microphone a few months ago. I think the audio quality has really improved, it’s a RØDE NT1-A. The quality is really top-notch. I’ve also set up some material to prevent echo and all of those weird noises in the room I record these episodes. You should also witness and observe an improvement in the audio quality.

The other thing that a lot of you have mentioned is my accent, my French accent. While some of you said that it’s great and that you understand, I noticed that some of you might be a little bit taken back by it. I understand that, the French accent is kind of a tough accent to really understand if you don’t focus on it too much. This is something that I need to improve on. I do not know exactly how to go about it. I think I might have to talk to a coach of some sort to understand how I can improve the way I talk so you would understand me better. Not removing my accent but making it clearer for you. That’s something that a lot of you have mentioned as well. That’s something I’m gonna work on this year.

Finally, a lot of you have mentioned the need to expand this podcast to other formats such as articles on Medium, potential videos,  todo lists, checklists. The truth is I do not have the time to do it just yet. I don’t even have the time to promote this podcast very much. The only thing I do is communicating with my guest so that they can share their episodes to their audience. That’s because I have a full time job with Hotjar which is very much my priority. I’m choosing to create one good episode a week for this podcast, and that’s pretty much it. I do not have the time to write much more than what I’m doing right now. I don’t have the time to do much more than that.

However, if you feel like you can help, if you wanna help out in some ways, you can send me an email at louis@ehmarketers.wpengine.com and we’ll see what we can do. But the main reason is time. I don’t wanna burnout doing this podcast. I do prefer to publish one episode every week for five years rather than rushing into creating stuff, spending more time away from my wife, and all of that to do all of that. I do prefer focus on just one episode a week on the podcast. This is the reason why I don’t do all other formats, but as I said I’m open to ideas if it doesn’t take much time. I’m sure we can find something to do together.

Those are the things that will change and that I will improve in this podcast.

Now, let’s talk about the future guests. That’s the last part of this episode, and as you can see, it’s gonna be much shorter than usual. I’m really looking forward to publishing the following guests because they have a knowledge that are just extraordinary in their field.

The first one is André Chaperon, I talked about him a few times on the show before. He’s an email marketer and is not very well-known and I don’t do an offense to André to say that, but he is, by far, the best copywriter and email copywriter I’ve ever come across. I’m really looking forward to publishing this episode with him because he’s just top-notch and André Chaperon is his name.

Then, I will also publish an episode with Joanna Wiebe, the founder of copyhackers.com. As you might know her, she’s an awesome copywriter as well. She’s using customer research and customer interviews to write the right copy for her clients. This is what we are preaching in this podcast in every episode. In this episode, you’re gonna learn all of that which is fantastic. It’s a step-by-step approach. It’s using all the principles we’ve talked about in this podcast before and I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it.

For some you who are startup founders or potentially looking to create your own startup, you’ll really enjoy the following two episodes. The first one is going to be with Noah Kagan from Sumo. I challenged him to come up with an idea on the fly for our business and to explain how he’s gonna launch it. It’s gonna be a really good episode. I can guarantee you’re gonna like it.

Another one that I think you’re gonna enjoy very much is Rob Walling, the CEO of Drip who knows a thing or two of creating startups as he created a few before. I asked him a similar question on how he would launch a business with $1000 and only 45 minutes to spend a day on it, and he came up with an awesome step-by-step solution for you. I know you will enjoy it whether you’re a startup founder or a tech person or even a marketer because there’s a lot of things you can take away from that.

Finally that came from a recommendation from one of you, I don’t remember your name now, but I thank you for it. Cindy Gallop, she’s an advertiser and she is really honest, really transparent and really strong into her beliefs. I learned a lot from her in this episode. I love her personality. She really fights the good fight. She knows a thing or two about advertising and I know you’re gonna enjoy this episode as well.

Those are the top five that I wanted to mention to you. I have already recorded 12 so there are gonna be a lot of surprises as well on top of the five that I mentioned.  In term of subject, there’s a lot of things that we haven’t talked about this year, in 2017, that I will talk about, and we will talk about with my guest in 2018. For example, how to spot shady SEO, Search Engine Optimization practitioners, how to spot shady agencies, and how to pick the right freelancers, if you need SEO.

We’re gonna talk about digital PR which is how to get mentioned in online publications like entrepreneurs that come on Forbes and all of that, and how to contact journalist the right way. We’re gonna talk about writing copy once again because this subject never gets old or how to improve customer experiences, really practical manner. As you can see, as I said, there’s a lot of things that’s gonna happen this year. I’m still gonna publish one episode every week. I am still very much looking forward to your feedback, to your ideas, to your emails. That’s really something that I enjoy very much, receiving all of your emails.

Once again, you can contact me at louis@ehmarketers.wpengine.com and I am answering and I will answer your email if you send me one. I haven’t said that before but Happy New Year. I hope this will be the year for you to launch whatever you want to launch. To launch a startup, your side project, to become a better marketer, to sell more product, to sell better product, and we are here in this journey together. I’m very much in the same boat with you guys. I’m learning a lot from this interview. I hope that you will still listen to this podcast, that you will still recommend it to your friends and colleagues, and together we can spread the word about marketing bulshit and how to do marketing right.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for listening to this podcast. Thank you for sticking around for eight months now. I’m not gonna go anywhere. This podcast is still gonna be here in one year or even two years. Thank you.

Next week, I’m gonna give you the name of the episode and the person I’m gonna interview next week. It’s gonna be with Adam Greco and we’re gonna talk about analytics in a very simple manner. How to implement the right analytics structure and all of that, so that’s gonna be very interesting. Once again, thank you very much!

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